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Sex (In)tolerance Workshop Materials

ISWiB 2014 eng

After I was a moderator at one of the workshops during last years ISWiB Ana Galić, long time member of organizing board, suggested that we create a workshop about sex. We quickly agreed about concept of the workshop, and listed a few basic things we would like to include.

We decided that we want to give our participants different perspectives on sexuality and gender, and talk about this topic in unusual way. Main idea was to make participants see the issues from another point of view, and maybe rethink their current opinions. Way to achieve that was by providing them with materials that see sexuality and gender topics in a manner that is not so talked about.

During a preparation we gathered a lot of materials that can be used, and had a tough time choosing what to include in final agenda. As a movie lover I collected few movies that Ana just loved, then we talked about how to create a quality discussion after watching them and some were included in the workshop.

When ISWiB started many people approached us and asked what are we going to do during workshop, and after explaining a concept and telling about movies everybody asked for a links. That is way all of them are now available here together with few sessions descriptions.

The Dream Job

Bosnia and Herzegovina/Croatia, 2005, 51′, Danijela Majstorović

This documentary follows Ilinka, a girl that comes from a village in Bosnia to town of Gradiška in order to join Vikom orchestra. Vikom is a low profile music television that became famous by its female orchestra pretending to play instruments behind turbo folk singers doing playback. This movie also features some of the folk stars of Bosnia and Herzegovina telling their stories about women in showbiz. After a movie we talked about women in showbiz in the Balkans, way of exploiting them with promise of great carrier and fame.

Do Communists Have Better Sex

Germany, 2006, 52′, Andre Meier

During the time of two Germanys societies in east and west developed in different ways, so did sexuality. This movie provides a great basics for discussion about influence of Church, women emancipation, sex education and commodification of sex on sexual behavior.

My Penis And I

UK, 2005, 57′, Lawrence Barraclough

At workshop we watched shorter cut of the movie lasting 28 minutes which was enough to get basing idea and start a discussion about mens issues in modern world. Peer pressure and porn industry made man insecure about their penises, their manhood, making it a some kind of taboo topic. This documentary follows Lawrence, a man with a small penis, in his path of resolving issues about it. You can watch full length movie here, and there is also a sequel called My Penis And Everybody Else.

Wilhelm Reich – Mysteries of organism

Yugoslavia, 1971, 84′, Dušan Makavejev

Unfortunately we did not have enough time for this movie but since it is really worth watching I will include it here. This famous black wave film gives two stories. One is about work of Wilhelm Reich and second one about who girls exploring sexual freedom. Both stories are equally important to take into consideration. Reich’s work was revolutionary in a way people think about sexuality, and story about girls from Yugoslavia can start a really good discussion about relationship between sexual freedom and free society. This move can be analyzed on so many levels, but we consider this two perspectives most important in context of sexuality.

The Smurfette Principle 

Unfortunately we didn’t have time for this session, but this short video will make you can think how many female characters are there in your favorite movies or television shows.

Women In Press

We did a short analyzes about presence of women in Serbian press. This something that you can easily do by yourself. You need to by at least on serious paper, some yellow press tabloid, and then answer these question.

What is a total number of men and women on pictures? What is the men and women ratio in different sections? Do women on pictures hold any position in politics, business, culture, sports etc.? How are women dressed compared to men? What is the difference between number of women present in serous and yellow press? Are the represented in same manner? Can they be role models for young girls?

Women In Culture 

Tatjana Nikolić was our guest speaker and she talked about her work in area of women participation in culture. She explain how women are underrepresented in music industry and told about her project Femix that is working on changing it. If you are interested in music created by female bands in Serbia you can download Femikseta here.

Women On Internet 

We also had opportunity to talk with Cyber Wanderlust, online feminist activists from Serbia. More about her work you can read on her and Women From The Internet blogs.


If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

I would like to thank our guest speakers Tatjana Nikolić, Nikola Mladenović and Cyber Wanderlust for their contribution to the workshop.

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